Gibbons are among the most vulnerable and endangered species alive.

Gibbons are at risk due destruction of their habitat to create palm oil farms and to being captured and exploited. Whole families are eradicated in order to capture a single baby to use as a tourist attraction.

As seed dispersers, primates play an important role for a healthy and diverse forest ecosystem that we all depend upon.

And they sing.

There is a growing number of organisations working in the field, but they are facing a powerful opposition and rely on the support of ordinary people who want to make a difference.


These are a few of the organisations working in the field.

They were of invaluable aid to the making of Gibbon: Beyond the Trees.

Gibbon Rehabilition Project

Rescues, rehabilitates and repopulates gibbons since 1992.

Bruno Manser Fonds

Fights for the rights of the Penan and other indigenous peoples of Borneo.

Gibbon Conservation Society

Conserves and protects the singing apes of Malaysia.

Rainforest Rescue

Preserves rainforests, protects their inhabitants, and furthers social reforms since 1986.